Barnes and Noble signing, family and friends Barnes and Noble signing, family and friends Frank J. Basham Author, Frank J. Basham 117842907 Bucket of Strangers Cover Photo by Michael C. Basham 117842980 Sunset Key West, Florida sunset. 117843032 Old Poets Dr. Michael Szporer and Alan Ginsberg 117843039 Spencer and Samantha Spencer and Samantha visiting Key West. 117843380 Style and Attitude Zoe out for a little sun and sand. 117843381 Book Signing Pat and Tom Plack of Mansfield, Ohio. 117843382 Another Crazy Writer Dr. Michael Spzorer on his visit to Key West. 117843383 China Club Frank with the owners of China Club in Mansfield, Ohio. 117843384 Fishing Frank out fishing with friends. 117843385 Freedom Clear and calm waters. 117843386 Frank Fishing. Striking a pose. 117843387 Joe and Georgann Galik Joe and Georgann with Frank at a book signing in Mansfield, Ohio's Barnes and Noble. 117843388 Jim's Family Oldest son with his family from Ohio visiting Key West. 117843389 Wedding Mike and Nina's wedding picture on the beach with both families. 117843390 China Club Dinner with friends after a book signing in Ohio. 117843391 Police Dog Kew West Police Dog- Things are a little different down here. 117843392 Vacation Over Going back to Ohio from Key West. Jim's family. 117843394 Barnes and Noble Book Signing Rob Skropits and Fred Moritz 117844198 Barnes and Noble Signing Tom and Pat Plack 117844199 Dr. Spzore and Frank Keeping a writer friend sober. 117844200 Barnes and Noble Signing Phil and Audi Nedrow 117844201 Ohio State Book Signing From left: Professor Ralph Hunt, Frank and student. 117844202 Barnes and Noble book signing Frank and wife Louise. 117844203 Spencer Basham An afternoon of snorkling. 117844204 Book Signing Signing at The Ohio State University. 117844205 Son and Photographer of Record Mike Basham. Cover photographer for Frank's books. 117844206 Barnes and Noble Window display for Frank's first book. 117844583 Bucket of Strangers Frank's first novel. 117844786 Spilled Words Frank's poetry book. 117844851 Dancing With The Undertaker Book released in 2012 147732648 Frank, Rachel and Daddy (Jim Basham) In the Cincinnati Bearcats marching band. They grow up quickly. 147732649 Trashed In The Keys Cleanup 1 Coast Guard cleanup with Mike Basham's Trashed In The Keys environmental group. 148120236 Jackie Basham and Angela Basham Our daughter Angela's new arrival, Shane. 148120259 Trashed In The Keys 2 Cleaning up paradise. 148120656 Trashed In The Keys 3 Cleaning up paradise. 148120657 Took our own picture Louise and I took the boat out alone. It was a beautiful Sunday morning brunch sort of thing. 177047440 Frog Fish This is the ugliest fish I have ever seen. It looks like a fish with a frog face and has little legs to scoot around the ocean floor. Maybe trying to evolve like human? I hope not. Look at the mess we have made of things. 177047441 View from our boat. Looking back out our marina, Ocean Side Marina. 177047442