The Porch Book Signing The Porch Book Signing Anna Lynch and Pavel Ketchum Discussing God only knows what. 150243223 Frank J. Basham and Charlie Gitlen Charlie wanted Frank to hear a little of his own verse. 150243224 Frank J. Basham and Charlie Gitlen Frank reciting some of his own poetry. 150243225 Louise Basham, Charlie Gitlen and Frank Looks like the camera man was drinking too. 150243226 Louise Basham, Charlie Gitlen and Frank The conversation continues. 150243227 Dancing With The Undertaker Book cover design by Michael C. Basham 150243228 Frank J. Basham and Lauri Washington Must be a secret. 150243229 Frank J. Basham and Charlie Getlin Charlie was one of the happiest people at The Porch that evening. 150243230 Lauri Washington Lauri on his way for a second martini, that he can remember. 150243231 Frank J. Basham and Jack Clark Jack's boat is named ' A Couple of Conchs'. Mike and I have spent many hours fishing off Jack's boat. 150243232 Frank J. Basham and Chris Schultz Chris is owner of The Porch and is author of Quit Your Job And Move To Key West. 150243233 Frank J. Basham, Tim Glancey and Chris Shultz Chris Shultz, Author of Quit Your Job And Move To Key West. Tim Glancey, Master Magician 150243234 Frank J. Basham, Jack and Shiela Clark Sheila is working on her own book. 150243235 Frank J. Basham and Lauri Washington Lauri is retired from the Pentagon. I would tell you what he did but, I would have to kill you. 150243236 Frank, Paval, Anna and Jack Jack is so cool his dog wears sun glasses and that is no lie. Jack is a retired school superintendent. 150243237 Frank, Pavel, Anna and Jack. We let Pavel in the picture this time. 150243238 Frank, Tim and Chris By the mantel in the ghost room of The Porch. 150243239 Stephanie, Louise, Nina and Sheila I might have made a few bucks if the girls had not been drinking. 150243240 The Mansion Houses The Porch and The Ghost Room 150243241 The Spooky Look Great shot of the mansion. 150243244 Pat Neuhausel Arriving for the signing 150243346 Frank J. Basham & Glee Higgins Securing a copy of Dancing With The Undertaker. 150243347 Pat Neuhausel & Glee Higgins Making their selection. 150243348 Frank J. Basham & Pat Neuhausel I love it when a woman rubs my belly. 150243349 Frank J. Basham & Tevis Wernicoff Picking up a copy for his wife Artist, Sally Wernicoff. 150243350 Frank J. Basham, Joey Guin & Danny Franco Danny had to get another book. His brother took his one and didn't return it. 150243351 Frank J. Basham & Tim Glancey Tim Glancey, Master Magician 150243352 Frank J. Basham & Maureen Harrison Maureen and husband, Brian, picked up Dancing With The Undertaker. 150243353 Frank J. Basham & Pavel Ketchum Pavel and Frank work security together at TAMPOA. 150243354 Frank J. Basham, Anna & Jack Lynch I am still trying to figure Jack out. 150243355 Frank J. Basham, Jack and Sheila Clark Signing their copy of Dancing With The Undertaker. 150243357 Mike Basham (on the right) Michael C. Basham is my cover photographer. 150243358 Tim Glancey Master Magician at The Ghost Room. Other occupations are long forgotten. Hope to collaborate with him about his life's story. 150243359 Tim Glancey and Frank J. Basham Tim made the Ghost Room ready for Frank's signing. 150243360