Books by Frank J. Basham

I write for myself and hope others enjoy the ride.





     Frank James Whitaker was born in Whitesburg, KY in 1948 to Verlin and Elizabeth Carol King Whitaker.  Elizabeth divorced Frank' father and took her son to Miamisburg, Ohio, where she worked in a paper mill.  Her marriage to Daniel Basham and his adoption of Frank changed his name to Frank James Basham.  His mother was a devoted mother until her untimely death to cancer, just a few days after the birth of Frank's first son, James.

     Frank graduated Daniel Kiser High School in Dayton, Ohio.  He became interested in literature and writing due to the influence of his high school Latin teacher, Daisy May Torrence.  He began college at Sinclair Community College and continued his studies at The Ohio State University in both Mansfield and Columbus, Ohio  Frank graduated with an Arts and Science Degree majoring in English and Creative Writing.

     Frank spent over twenty years in the transportation/logistics industry.  He also worked as a police officer, holding the ranks of Patrolman, Sergeant, Assistant Chief of Police and Detective for various agencies in Ohio.  Frank presently works as Security Manager for a private, gated community in Key West Florida.  He holds Private Investigative Licences from both Ohio and Florida.

     Frank has called both Dayton and Lexington, Ohio home.  He and his family now live in Cudjoe Key, Florida after a five year residency in Key West, Florida.  Frank and his wife Louise Elaine Cooke Basham share a family property with their younger son, Michael C. Basham and his wife Nina and daughter, Zoe.  Frank and Louise have three children, James, Michael and Angela and eight grandchildren.  The grandchildren's names are David, Randy, Nathan, Rachel, Samantha, Spencer, Zoe and Shane.

     Basham is currently working on a collection of short stories called Tales From The Land Of Dreamwake.  Also in the works are two novels.  The first is titled The Circuitry Gender.  The second title is Where Spiders Hide.    A second poetry book is also being compiled.  It is titled, A Derelict At Odds With The Sun.