Books by Frank J. Basham

I write for myself and hope others enjoy the ride.


Spilled Words (Poetry):

(1)  This is not your run-of-the-mill poet.  Basham is quick, direct and in your face.  He  spills out his verse as if time is the enemy and our events are the only thing worth considering.  His style is unique and not traditional form, but I like it.  This one stays in my home library.  Something new may be happening with his unusual style.  (Google Books)

(2)  This is a raw type of stylistically transitional poetry that keeps one thinking.  It melts together the traveling poets of the sixties and seventies style and throws their experiences together with what life has morphed into.  His verse is gripping and shocking, but leaves one wanting more.  One goes away thinking it is what needs to be said if only they had the courage.  I highly recommend. (

Bucket of Strangers (Mystery/Fiction):

(1)  Finding a read that stands on its own is very difficult.  I found Bucket of Strangers by accident and, though often very disturbing, am on my third read.  I keep finding things I missed the first time.  I recommend this book to anyone who is tired of packaged plots and political statements. (Google Books) from a Little Torch Key, Florida review.

(2)  Intriguing characters, well crafted, kind of book you don't want to put down.   (Barnes and Noble)

(3)  Basham weaves his plot through a strong cast of characters.  Excellent character development for a first time novelist.  The plot may be unsettling for the pious, but intriguing for the religious skeptics.  (Barnes and Noble)

(4)  This is the most frustrating book I've ever read.  You think you know what is going on and you find out with the very last word that you were completely off-base.  (Barnes and Noble)

(5)  So weird I couldn't put it down.  Great development of characters.  It was a frustrating read.  You think you know what's going on--its like a bunch of warped stories rolled into one.  You are surprised in the last couple of chapters, then "zing-ed" at the very end.  It's a must read.  (Borders Books) By Kingdom from the Florida Keys.

(6)  I picked this book up as a result of having read Basham's poetry book.  Bucket of Strangers is fiction of the highest caliber.  It reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle falling together with the last piece.  I am on my third read and am still finding things I missed the first time through.  5 stars.

Dancing With The Undertaker (Mystery/Fiction):

(1)  I bought at author signing in Key West, Florida.  I read a lot when I travel.  This book kept me engaged from start to finish.  (Booktopia) 

(2)  Frank J. Basham's "Dancing with the Undertaker" is full of suspense and drama interspersed with philosophic thoughts and ideas to guide one's life through reality.  Read with reverence and without intrepidation.    Teddy Doodnauth (Google Books)